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12 Sep: Meet Gabriel and Connie

29 Aug: Best Enemies Forever is coming

15 Aug: What does BEF stand for?

1 August: I screwed up.

18 July: A postcard from Eden and Phillip

4 July: Come along behind the scenes

20 June: How to Honeymoon Alone is here

9 June: Update: Honeymoon will be in KU

6 June: Read the first Honeymoon excerpt

23 May: The countdown has begun

9 May: Introducing two upcoming characters

26 April: It’s cover reveal time

11 April: Have you caught any Easter Eggs?

28 March: Guess the book from its first line

15 March: You asked, I answered

27 Feb: Today is my authorversary

14 Feb: Celebrate V-day with a new bonus story

31 Jan: I had a crazy conversation last week

17 Jan: Which Seattle Billionaire is your hero?

03 Jan: That’s a wrap on 2022


20 Dec: A Christmas Card from your favorite characters

07 Dec: The biggest Christmas giveaway yet

24 Nov: Surprise, I wrote a holiday novella

14 Nov: The bonus story is finally here

28 Oct: Suite on the Boss is live

11 Oct: New discrete paperbacks are here

29 Sep: I’m drinking out of a Paradise mug right now

15 Sep: Isaac’s book now has a cover

30 Aug: First teaser for NY Billionaires #5

18 Aug: I’m in love with the new paperbacks

02 Aug: If my romance heroes were dogs

19 Jul: The 10 books that made me a romance fan

06 Jul: London was made for authors

21 Jun: I made a fun quiz

07 Jun: I made a mistake

24 May: Small Town Hero is out now

10 May: Time to reveal Parker’s cover

26 Apr: A new bonus story and cover reveal

12 Apr: Billionaire family trees and mountain of edits

29 Mar: Your bonus story is here

15 Mar: Celebrate St. Paddy’s with an audiobook

1 Mar: Holiday shenanigans and happy March

15 Feb: Here’s a love letter from Carter

1 Feb: Read the first excerpt from A Ticking Time Boss

18 Jan: What do you think about Carter’s cover?

4 Jan: What are your reading goals for 2022?

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