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Dear Friend,

Happy holidays from our cabin in Whistler!

Are you as full of Christmas food as we are? The holiday started early in the Porter household and we’ve been gorging ourselves on too much gingerbread all of December. We had to child-proof the jar, or our son would have gladly skipped breakfast, lunch and dinner in favor of cookies.

This year has been a wild ride. We welcomed our second child into the world, and let’s just say our house hasn’t been the same since. We’ve learned the true meaning of “sleep is for the weak” and have become experts at functioning sleep-deprived (but fueled by copious amounts of caffeine.)

Millie has been an angel in her first half-year of life, and her brother is over the moon about being a big brother. He’s only a little disappointed that she won’t play with him and keeps asking when she’ll be big enough. He doesn’t like the answer “soon,” but it’s the only one we’ve got.

Skye’s bookshop has had another fantastic year. She’s also working on a new book to follow her debut, but Millie put an adorable wrench in that process. As for Cole, he remains a ne’er-do-well riding the coattails of his wife’s success and brilliance. While he did open another hotel on the West Coast this year, it pales compared to Millie’s arrival.

Despite the craziness and chronic lack of sleep, we’ve had a wonderful year and are looking forward to spending a relaxing holiday in a cabin surrounded by snow. Well, as relaxing as it can be with two children under the age of four. 

We wish you all the most wonderful 
Christmas and a happy New Year! 

Cole, Skye, Isaac and Millie 

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