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Dark Eyed Devil

Series: Brothers of Paradise #1
Release Date: September 12, 2022

Previously published under the title “Rogue.”

They say everyone deserves a second chance… but I won’t risk my heart again. Not even for Hayden Cole, the only boy who ever broken mine.

Hayden Cole was my brother’s best friend and the boy from the wrong side of the tracks. Broken smiles, dark hair, and eyes that had seen far too much for his age.

We spent a summer together in secret. In the darkness, in the silence, our hearts spoke the same language. Until he left without a word and tore mine right out of my chest.

Ten years later he returns from the Navy, and he’s demanding a second chance. He’s every inch the rogue I remember—crooked smiles and dark eyes—but now he’s a man grown. Tall and broad and persistent.

I see him everywhere I turn in our small town. Spending time with my brothers, repairing my broken fence, and looking at me with eyes that speak of our past.

But I’m going to stay far away this time.
Even if Hayden makes it hard to remember exactly why…

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