Look But Don’t Touch is live!

Grant Wood. Even his name is sharp and unforgiving. I’ve disliked him since the first time we met, all those years ago. He took one look at me and dismissed me as vapid and ignorant. The spoiled young daughter of his business associate.

Sure, I’d done my best to live up to that image lately, but the judgment still stung. We had carefully avoided each other ever since. It was a perfect plan. We were both happy with that. Until I’m given an ultimatum by my dad.

“Work at the family empire or I’ll cut you off.”

So I have to swallow my pride and show up at the office of Grant Wood, CEO. The only good part is that he seems just as unnerved by me… and I love it when his cold facade falters.

So if they want me to intern at Hathaway’s? Fine. I’ll be the best intern they ever had. I’m going to prove Grant wrong about me. And I’m going to push his every button.

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